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Why do I need a serum?

Willing to give your skin-care regime a kick-start? But confused where to begin?

Whenever we reach out to our local beauty station, we come across numerous personalized care products like the creams, moisturizers, serums, sun-blocks, whitening agents and many more. Often we end up leaving the store without a clue what our skin actually needs, but if you're looking to rejuvenate your skin and keep the fine lines at bay, a serum is the best pick to include in your routine.

What are facial serums and you will be wondering on why do you need one? Are they worth the money? Do they really serve its purpose? The quick response to all of these would be a yes; Serums are indeed one of the effective skin-care products available. A facial serum has generally a gel-like consistency and acts quickly; Thanks to its powerful blend with concentrated agents it has several benefits. It is very light weight in nature and penetrates deeply into the skin due to its thin texture. Unlike moisturizer, serums do not have filler ingredients in bulk or loaded with thick emollients. It takes absolutely no time to apply a serum with its weightless formula and it just sits there on the skin without even making you feel its presence.

Serums come with a bunch of anti-oxidants known for its skin loving qualities such as Vitamin C. It’s obvious to be baffled by all these ingredients of a serum, but you have to just identify your specific skincare issue that is, if you already have one to tackle. If you don’t, then there are various all-rounder serums to address general skin care concerns like dehydration, signs and spots of ageing, dullness, whitening and a whole lot of other things.

By regular and continuous usage, serums helps you combat any skin matter and be one step close to the healthy and radiant skin desired by you. Serums shall be used prior to application of moisturizer day and night, for optimal advantages.