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Best Sequence to apply skin-care products

The way you apply skin-care products stays as important as the products themselves. Utilize skin-care items in the correct order so you fetch the full results out of each stage.

1. Pre-Cleanse : The primary step to a parlor quality facial rinse is pre-cleansing. Our prominent pre-cleansers are ideal for your skin-care routine, cleansing away hints of excess oil, pollutants and makeup.

2. Cleanse : Cleanse both at day and night. It’s necessary to wipe the day away with your Cleanser, either Gentle Cleanser or Cleansing Oil, then step up for a deeper wash as per your skin type or specific condition.

3. Tone : Toners help to even out complexion and maintain porosity of the skin, help in absorbing moisturizer and serum with more lucid application. After cleansing, use toner in both morning and evening.

4. Serum : A Serum permeates quickly to a deeper level of the skin, conveying potent ingredients by focusing at your skin concerns. Through the day, use a serum with antioxidants to promote bright and healthy skin. During night, operate a treating serum that aims at your specific skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, aging or uneven skin texture.

5. Hydrate : Follow the serum with a hydrator to nourish your skin. Hydrators are an incredible and lighter way to give dehydrated or dry skin a moisture upgrade.

6. Moisturize : Next, assist your skin to maintain its ideal moisture level by applying a moisturizer day and night which helps lock and improve surface hydration. Moisturizing is important, disregarding the skin type. Not only it boosts healthy skin but also, battles the signs of aging.

7. Protect : Enough emphasis should be laid on the SPF usage. SPF 15 or greater sunscreen lowers the risk of catching melanoma and damages due to sun exposure.

8. Exfoliate : Exfoliation fosters the cell renewal, removes dirt and dead skin follicles to keep skin clean and clear by revealing a brighter skin. Kickstart exfoliating once per week, either in morning or evening and amplify if required, up to 4 times a week.

9. Mask : Regard your skin with a mask one to three evenings a week to nurture the skin underneath the top layers.