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Prep up your skin for the sunny hours

It is the general assumption of most people that the sun damages the skin only when they are feeling too hot in the scorching heat or their skin begins to burn, but their assumption is wrong. Once people step out in the sun, they are exposed to the sun's harmful UV-A and UV-B radiations. These ultra-violet rays are the masked predators attacking your skin, often responsible for melanoma i.e. the skin cancer.

Ultra-violet radiations suck up the moisture content from the skin, thereby damaging and dehydrating the epidermal cells out of its natural defensive functions. The sun can be blamed for revealing fine lines and reducing the skin's sparkling appearance as well as elasticity. Daily outdoor tasks such as engaging in sports activities, taking a walk round the corner of the street, even driving and commuting during the sunny hours can bring negative consequences to your skin and is capable of boosting the ageing action before the actual timeline. Over-exposure to the sun or a dry climate is the ace reason of a dehydrated skin and thus, the premature ageing.

Protect your skin from pushing the fast-forward switch by including a sunscreen cream or lotion with SPF in your daily skin-care regimen and use it actively not only on the face but on all the exposed areas of your body. It is the best way to lock in the moisture content of skin and warding off unwanted wrinkles along with the sun-spots in the warm weather and longer sunlight. Teaming this up with the Moisturiser for Dry and Sensitive Skin in the morning and at night can be helpful to combat water content loss and recharge your skin cells.

We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of SPF based Sun blocks. Daily application of SPF-20 and SPF-30 products will keep your skin safe and ready your skin with everything it requires to enjoy more outdoor time out in the sun.

Overall, your skin will feel sunlight-ready and your skin cells will thank you!