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Professional Range

We offer a wide range of specialized skin-care and beauty products specifically designed for the professionals. The active ingredients used in these products make this professional range a brilliant user experience to unwind and refresh. These products are highly effective and deliver multiple solutions to cater the needs of the professionals that help to create a healthier and luminous skin glaring with a youthful radiance.

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Retail Range

Beatitude offers a broad line of skin-care items to gratify the beauty requirements of our retail customers. These products provide unique solutions to purify, replenish and cleanse your skin with remarkable results. Be it defending the sun or defying the age, we have products that will help you to unveil your skin’s true beauty. Our range of reliable personal-care utility products includes serums, crèmes and cleansers.

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Mono Dose

Beatitude offers wide range of Mono Dose[Single Use] Products for different kind of Skin Treatments.These are Single-dose containers.Beatitude presents all new extensive range of Mono Dose Treatments for Anti Ageing ,Whitening Anti-Acne and many more.The All new Men's Facial kit are formulated and suitable for men's skin.

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Cleansing lotion popularly known as cleanser is a product which takes care of your facial skin. The basic purpose of a cleanser is to cleanse your face in a balanced way effectively. Removes Make-up? Check. Excess Oil and dirt too? Check. Skin cleansers free your face from impurities, making it feel fresh and energized. This item also helps to keep acne away from your skin by unclogging your skin pores. A healthy facial skin can be achieved by including a cleanser in your beauty care regimen.

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A tonic or a toner is a skin-conditioning product which helps in restoring and balancing the skin surface. It is specially formulated with reasonable amounts of key hydrating components to enrich the skin and helps in calming, repairing and firming it. The product works wonders especially on dry or sensitive skin to add a refreshing feel through hydration and promises revitalizing results. It acts as a great pre-moisturizing step in your daily skin-care routine.

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Facial serums are skincare products usually to be used after cleansing and before moisturizing. Serums constitute fine particles infused with active ingredients which render your skin various benefits, permeating deeply through the skin cells. It serves as a great tool that deals with specific skin issues such as repairing damage from the sun, signs of ageing, diminishing dark spots, clearing blemishes and stimulating a younger looking skin. Improvements can be seen in the skin texture by adding this simple product in the personal care routine.

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Crèmes intend to hydrate, soften and moisturize the skin and hence are an essential part of the beauty plan. These help in defending the loss of moisture from the skin and prevent the roughness as well as dryness. The products range as per the specific concerns such as acne, ageing, color correction, night crèmes along with some special skin conditions and types. It helps in locking and boosting the water content and thus, gives a smoother and healthier appearance to the skin.

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Exfolient serve as an excellent product to scrub your way to reveal a healthy and glowing skin underneath the dead skin cells. It peels off the layers of lifeless epidermal cells that can clog the pores of skin and increase dullness. Exfoliating the skin encourages the regeneration of skin cells and improves the ability of skin to absorb other skin care products. A weekly exfoliation routine is recommended for a complete self-preserving cycle.

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Sunscreens are a vital part of any beauty regime as it helps to battle against the harmful UV sun rays that can damage the skin. The advantages of sun blocking crèmes with SPF go beyond shielding across skin cancer; it also safeguards against skin discoloration and helps fighting skin aging due to exposure of skin in the sun. It provides an extra layer of coverage opposing the redness and inflammation, for skin protection.

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